Blocked Out {Burlap Runner}

 I have long had an obsession with creating the perfect block print for burlap and after a few weeks of pondering and some scary slip ups on linoleum blocks I finally have a design that I think works well with the casual lack of pretension I associate with burlap.
I still have some work to do on my technique and spacing but at the moment my biggest question is to use a peacock blue burlap or one that has a slightly bleached appearance for the application surface. My inquiring mind is very open to your thoughts! 
And yes I know that the iphone photos are less than idea for color judgments, but a gals got to work with what she has! 


Culinary Confidence {Fennel Roasted Sweet Potato, Beet & Chickpea Salad}

It has taken me eight years to get over my fear of experimental cooking. You see, as a confident 24 year old I was convinced that I was naturally brilliant and didn't need a cookbook.  One night I decided  I could make stuffed peppers "off the cuff" to impress someone - long story short it was an epic fail.  I relive my dinner partner's reaction whenever the idea of cooking from instinct creeps in to my head.  Tonight for the first time since that experience I decided to listen to my inner culinary voice and the result was one of the best meals that I have ever made!  Maybe it was chance but the high of culinary success definitely is overshadowing the past shame.  So here is visual evidence of my foray back into the scary world of putting away the recipe card..
It may look simple but the flavors were complex and incredibly satisfying. This salad was built from a bed of subtly sweet maiche and topped with roasted slices of beets, sweet potatoes and chickpeas that were tossed with olive oil, salt and fennel. 
A couple of crumbles of feta added the perfect dash of salt...and bon appetit!


Berry Inspired!

The past few months my passion for design has been augmented by an intense love for cooking - which is actually not at all surprising. The same way that a well designed room is built upon core elements and personal flourishes so is a will layered recipe. Along with the flavor that hits my palette when enjoying a gourmet dish I always find myself inspired by the colors and textures that appear on my plate. The vibrant and equally as dramatic color of blackberries on my granola this morning clearly inspired me and left me craving an event that exuded the bright flavors and hue of this magical fruit. And I am sorry, a goat cheese and blackberry grilled cheese - who could refuse?!

(all images via pinterest


keeping it casual {entertaining essentials}

Keep summer entertaining casual and stress free by having a few beautiful serving pieces and easy extra seating on handThese marble and wood serving trays and  pedestals are perfect for serving sides and appetizers.  Bamboo inspired cutlery and whole fresh fruit will instantly elevate any table setting. 
For the fare, opt for fresh seasonal ingredients that shine best, in flavor and presentation, when simply prepared - this roasted golden beet, goat cheese, arugula and toasted hazelnut salad is my current go to. And don't even get me started on grilled stone fruit - follow me on instagram to see why!


reading a home by its cover

It is very hard not to read a homes interior by its "cover" - the architecture, landscaping and care a home owner has taken with creating the entrance to a home is very indicative of what to expect once that front door swings open.  I know my imagination has beautiful thoughts of what is behind these doors...

(photographed on a recent run in Sonoma, pinterest and c magazine)


the best kind of mood {slate blue}

I don't quite get why "moody" has such a negative connotation - as that is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the stunning combination created from cool slate blue and warm wood. This color profile draws me in deeply and always leaves me craving more and more... 

(sources: bddw leather credenza, agate hardware from west elm, unknown, and interior by jeffrey alan marks)


a divine detail {roped away}

Rope is everywhere right now - being mimicked in cast resin bowls to wrapping entire casepieces.  However, my favorite application is when used in its bulkiest form to tie back lightweight drapery panels and knotted as a door pull. 
Thank you to Daniel Hale for the flawless execution of this look in a Napa Valley Home, as featured in C Home. The rest of this home is equally inspiring and can be viewed on delight by design's pinterest page.


Sophisticated + Sundrenched Palette

With every new season comes fresh inspiration.  Being my first summer in California, I plan to embrace the rich, yet subtle colors of the California landscape - a natural palette  that is a soothing juxtaposition of brick red, golden wheat and what I can only describe as olive leaf green...


Simple Snippets {Grow House Grow}

When I moved I was forced to downsize my sample library - which was probably about as hard for me as it would be for some people to pick their favorite child.  I was pretty cutthroat when it came to wallpaper but the gorgeous papers from Grow House Grow and the equally lovely Katie Deedy were quickly put in to my yes pile.  All of her wallpaper is hand silk screened with care in beautiful New York.  The designs are whimsical (my aesthetic soft spot) while remaining sophisticated with a dash of quirkiness.  Meet her new Sisters Cities collection.
Such a brilliant concept, executed flawlessly. P.S. Each design is offered in numerous colorways.


The Short Version

There is a long and short version to every story.  My extended absence from blogging certainly warrants the long version, however the short version will have to do for now and that would be that I am back with a simpler version of delight by design.  I am going back to the roots of what sparked my desire to write this blog - to share what makes my eyes open a bit wider, senses heighten and inspires me to be more creative everyday.  The last 6 months I have been drawing creative inspiration from my new city, San Francisco.  More to come, but for now let me introduce you to the incredible place that has kept me away from the world of blogging...
 (run along baker beach)
(gorgeously styled shelves at March SF - possibly the most adorable store that ever existed)
 (love that I get to see cactus when I park my car for an evening run)
 (Farmer's Market in Berkley)
(The Ferry Building)
(produce at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market)
(grilled black cod from Spoon Bar)
Much, much more to come!